(Last updated December 31, 2016.)

Program staff

Cubmaster: Aren Cambre
Assistant Cubmaster: Lydia Perry
Assistant Cubmaster: Joe Garcia
Assistant Cubmaster: Lane Shannon
Assistant Cubmaster: Steve Daroche
Den Leader (class of 2017): Karen Helget
Assistant Den Leader (class of 2017): Heather Alvarado
Den Leader (class of 2018): Joe Garcia
Den Leader (class of 2018): Lane Shannon
Den Leader (class of 2019): Jim McMillon
Assistant Den Leader (class of 2019): Chris Rengifo
Assistant Den Leader (class of 2019): Donna Morale
Den Leader (class of 2020): Douglas Payne
Assistant Den Leader (class of 2020): Michael Swenson
Den Leader (class of 2021): Josh McKibben
Assistant Den Leader (class of 2021): Chris Mayes
Assistant Den Leader (class of 2021): Avita Persaud
Den Leader (class of 2021): Chris Goers

Administrative staff

Committee Chair: Martha Garcia
Chartered Organization Representative: Robert Jenkins
Treasurer: Jennifer Goers
Secretary: Susan Widhalm
Advancement Chair: Rachael Payne
Camping Chair: Steve Daroche (transitioning from Lydia Perry)
Membership Chair: Michelle Bronson
Service to America Chair: Sylvia Canas
Health and Safety Chair: Jennifer Cambre
Shoreline Spruce Up Lead: Kim Young