Pack 862 uses two uniforms: field uniform (“class A”) and activity uniform (“class B”).

Uniforming is one of the Methods of Scouting. We can assist those with financial need; see below for more information.

Tiger, Wolf, Bear (1st – 3rd grades) field uniform

Example Cub Scout field uniform
Example Cub Scout field uniform (this boy is a Webelos Scout who carried over his blue uniform for a few months)

Webelos & Arrow of Light (4th and 5th grades) field uniform

IMPORTANT: Below is the tan and olive Boy Scout field uniform. That is recommended when outfitting with new uniforms at this age. Boys carrying over from 3rd grade may continue wearing their blue uniform for as long as desired.

The patches in a starter uniform include:

When to wear the field uniform:

  • pack or den meetings
  • in public at any Scouting activity
  • evening meal and evening ceremonies at family campouts
  • (optional) to school on the days of Cub Scout events (as of fall 2017, this is permitted at Hexter Elementary; check your own school to see if this is OK)

Helpful resources:

All uniform parts can be purchased from a local Scout Shop, and their employees can help make sure you get all the right parts.

Lower-cost options:

  • eBay, thrift shops, or other used uniform banks. Please reference the Uniform Builder so you know what to get. Watch out for shirts with patch glue stains!
  • Pack 862’s uniform bank or scholarship if there’s a financial hardship. (Talk to any pack leader.)

Need help sewing on patches? Many local tailors can do it for a nominal charge. Many have good experiences with Hong Kong Tailor in Casa Linda Plaza. Regardless of who you use, bring a printed copy of a uniform inspection sheet for reference.

Activity uniform

The activity uniform is a Scout-related t-shirt and street clothes. In Pack 862, this is generally the Pack 862 t-shirt or Webelos Camp t-shirt. If neither are available, any other t-shirt sold by Boy Scouts is OK. Pack 862 t-shirts are $15 and are often sold at major pack events.

The activity uniform is generally worn at events with more strenuous activity, greater mess, informal events, or during the day on Saturday at weekend campouts. That said, the field uniform is the proper dress for all Scout events unless otherwise announced.