This is a general pattern for recruitment events at Hexter.

A recruitment event is where we generate interest in Pack 862 and Cub Scouts. In the Hexter front yard at Waterview and Brookhurst, we set up a sample campsite, have a cooking demo, have forms and photos out, and have adult leaders and boys around to generate interest.

It’s important that, whenever possible, these events are held on an evening when some activity brings our target ages/grades to Hexter. Thursday PTA meetings are often good, especially if they have a program presented by the grade level we’re targeting.

One year, we made a mistake. We were targeting 1st graders at a fall recruitment to get new Tigers. We mistakenly set up our recruitment event for the evening that 2nd-5th graders were to report to meet their teachers; kindergartners and 1st graders came a different night. We ended up with low recruitment that year.

Two months or more before

  • Select date for recruitment and of follow up meeting (approx 2 weeks afterward the recruitment event).
  • Gain approval from Hexter administration. Request use of lawn, tables, etc.
  • Let Circle 10 District Executive know of plans. He can meet with the principal, provide signs, flyers, stickers, possibly arrange for a rally during school hours, and more.
  • Contact PTA president and get on agenda (if held during PTA meeting evening)
  • Determine if we want an “all hands on deck” flag ceremony (if held during PTA meeting)
  • Arrange for any special help needed, such as a person to do a cooking demo, etc.

One month before

  • Get membership forms.

Two weeks before

  • Recruit adult leader volunteers to staff the recruitment booth and run specific parts of it (info table, cooking, campsite, etc.).
  • Prepare and print any needed flyers or handouts:
    • If spring, flyer should have info on Twilight Camp and raingutter regatta
    • If fall, flyer should have info on annual parents meeting, bottle rockets, and October pack campout.
  • Give flyers to whoever puts them in the Tuesday folder. Use Hexter directory to approximate counts. Also have some printed for the site.
  • Coordinate email and notifications over Hexter and community Facebook pages or groups,, Hexter Happenings e-newsletter, Parent Room emails, etc.
  • Send postcards to parents of boys in grade we are targeting. The postcard should advise of the recruitment event and a follow up meeting.
  • Prepare brief video for PTA meeting.
  • Talk to teachers or grade-level lead to see if we can visit classrooms right before school ends to tout Cub Scouts.

Den meeting immediately before

  • Raise awareness of the recruitment event with current Cub Scouts. Remind boys to wear Cub Scout uniform.

Week before

  • Remind parents by email and Facebook that all boys should to wear uniforms to school the day of the recruitment event.
  • Get photos printed for tables. Walgreen’s, CVS, etc. often run specials on low-cost photo printing. (That is typically cheaper, better quality, and more durable than home-printing.)
  • Collect props for tables and campsite. (Pinewood derby cars, regatta boats, Bottle rockets, scout manuals.)
  • Make event labels. (In spring 2014, we had printed labels that acted as stickers we could put on the students.)
  • Create sign up sheets for prospects. Include a column for the boy’s grade one for parent interested in getting involved as a volunteer and/or den leader. Also include contact info (email, phone, address).

Day of

  • 1 hour before school ends: Set up campsite.
  • 30 minutes before school ends: adult leader and his son, in uniform, go to the classrooms of the grades we’re targeting and briefly talk about Cub Scouts. Hand out stickers if possible. (This assumes prior approval per above.)
  • 30 minutes after school is out: send some Scouts with flyers to Explorers and Lake Highlands Baptist LAS.
  • At PTA meeting, in addition to a flag ceremony, an adult leader will briefly talk about Cub Scouts with a slide show background. Have Cub Scouts hand out flyers while this is happening.

This needs to be staffed at least until the PTA meeting begins. It may be good to have a couple of leaders stay behind after the PTA meeting to help with any new questions.

Within 2 days

  • Contact all prospects and advise of parents meeting. Email or postcards.

Two weeks after post-recruitment contact

  • Initial meeting with parents of any Tiger-age boys, to give them an introduction to the program and to Pack 862

Other considerations

  • May be good to reach out to Hexter’s Girl Scout troop and see if they want to join us.
  • Remember that the site, the tables, the whole event needs to appeal to kids while portraying an enriching, fun experience to the parents.
  • Food is always good, especially easy stuff like cookies and lollipops. Ice cream would be a real attention getter, but it’s expensive.
  • Prepare a sheet that has an explanation of Cub Scouting on one side and a list of all our activities on the other side.