Parental attendance expectations

Parents are invited to all Pack 862 events. In several cases, parents must attend events with their son. The expectation depends on the boy’s grade. The rules below are based on BSA policy and Pack 862’s practice.

GradeParental attendance expectation
1st grade (Tiger)Boys must be accompanied by a parent at all events. Parents usually participate in activities with the boy.
2nd & 3rd grades (Wolf and Bear)Except for campouts, parents may leave boys at events. Boys attending a campout must be accompanied by a parent.
4th & 5th grades (Webelos and Arrow of Light)Boys may attend any event unaccompanied by a parent, including campouts. Coordinate with the den leader well in advance if a boy is to attend a campout without a parent.

The den leader has the discretion to require parental attendance at any event, even when the above guidelines say otherwise.