Campout Survey 2014

These are the results of a survey of parents from spring 2014, after a campout to Cooper Lake State Park South Sulfur Unit.


  • Family campouts in general
  • 4X: Cooper Lake State Park
  • Weather
  • Well-behaved kids even though they were having fun
  • People who went early to reserve sites
  • Activities:
    • Dinner was “yummy”
    • 9X: Awards ceremony/pack meeting was short, well-paced [Aren: this was the most frequent comment]
    • Night hike
    • Sunday devotional (right length/format)
    • 4X: Afternoon choices
    • Had unscheduled time
    • Good overall scheduling
  • Clay’s “verbal communications”
  • Bugler/trumpeter (make it known that we need kid or adult buglers)
  • Everyone helping each other


  • 5X: Fishing. Several complained that it never works at times we do it at any campout. Other complaints were about bad location or low lake. [Aren: this was the most frequent complaint]
  • Flags
    • Chaotic flag ceremonies.
    • Missed evening flag retirement.
    • Flag was in odd place.
  • Belt loop blitz didn’t happen. [Aren: bad word choice on leaders’ part; we shouldn’t have kept the “belt loop-palooza” messaging since belt loops weren’t being done]
  • First come, first serve on campsite. (this person felt cramped in their site)


  • Fishing:
    • Offer fishing it in evening as alternative to night hike or early in morning
    • Fishing tournament last entire weekend, at Scout’s/parent’s discretion. The times we have for fishing just doesn’t work. Still have a prizes, like for biggest catch. [Aren: We could ask parents to take pictures on cell phones. Distribute small, cheapo tape measures to picture fish against?]
    • Alternate morning activity to fishing.
    • Pick sites/campgrounds with better access to fishing [Aren: I imagine part of this complaint is due to low lake levels, which is beyond our control]
  • Need more campsite reconnaissance
  • Afternoon activities:
    • 2X: Do Saturday afternoon activities in shifts so that all boys can do all activities. Longer events like bike hike/nature walk may not lend to this, though.
    • For afternoon activities, divide into groups of mixed older/younger scouts.
  • Leadership
    • Leaders and parents on radios with predetermined channels.
    • More activity planning time/less rushed planning.
    • Need better signs that more clearly show den numbers visible from cars.
  • Evening
    • Need to be more clear about: no screaming/loud noises after dark, no biking after dark
    • Have optional campfire after night hike in someone’s camp site. Fire will already need to be built and ready by when the hikers get back. Have some campfire stuff planned, like songs. Alternative: smaller campfires where older and younger scouts team up.
  • Incorporate leaders skit or singalong into pack meeting (because it was so short)
  • Improve uniforms at pack meeting (tuck in shirts, wear all uniform parts, etc.)
  • Options to earn more belt loops [Aren: belt loops are being phased out entirely starting Jan. 1, 2015]