Pinewood Derby event recipe

We will assume that the cars have been judged, accepted and ordered 1 – 10. Our races assume a 4 lane track and the use of the timing system.

The lanes are ordered A, B, C, D. Each car runs on all 4 lanes 1 time. The winner is the car with the fastest combined time on all four lanes.

NOTE: the following description is to illustrate the administration process; the actual order of the cars is dictated by the software. Pay careful attention to which lane the software puts each car: there are TWO ways that the cars may be called to the track. After the first 4 races, the administration is the same (the only difference may be which car number is added to the track. I am assuming an ordinal race.)

Racing begins with cars 1,2,3 and 4. They are ordered:

Race #1
A – 4
B – 3
C – 2
D – 1
Admin: After the race, car #1 is put back in the ready area and car #5 is added to Lane A.

Race #2
A – 5
B – 4
C – 3
D – 2
Admin: After the race, car #2 is put back in the ready area and car #6 is added to Lane A.

Race #3
A – 6
B – 5
C – 4
D – 3
Admin: After race 3, car #3 is put back into the ready area. Car #7 is added to Lane A.

Race #4
A – 7
B- 6
C- 5
D- 4
Admin: After race 4, car #4 is put in the FINISHED area. It is done racing. Car #4 is the first to run 4 total races. Car #8 is added to Lane A.

Races progress until the final 3 races when car #1 is re-introduced in Lane A. In our 10 car scenario, the final race would be:
A – 3
B – 2
C – 1
D – 10
Admin: Car #10 would go through the lanes “normally”, cars #1 – #3 are filling in and racing in the lanes that they didn’t use the first time through.

Keys to racing:

  1. Don’t let anyone touch the cars. If a breakdown happens, have a ‘mechanic’ that can work with the boy to resolve.
  2. Be sure that the wranglers (generally Boy Scouts) do NOT touch the wheels but carry the cars from the side.
  3. Try to know which end of the car is the front.
  4. Test the track for bumps before racing.
  5. Tray, carry, and order all cars by number. Make any ‘special considerations’ in terms of order BEFORE the cars go into the ready area.